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Our Goal is to Make Your Game Successful

Multi-Channel User Acquisition

The core of your game is the player base, and the core of our business is to acquire those players for you. We utilize a full spectrum of world-class advertising channels, Google Ad, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, AppLovin, Unity Ad, Chartboost, Tapjoy, and much more than we can list here. We mastered the art of delivering the right messages to the right people at the best cost.

Cheering Crowd

Professional Live Operations

When a player enters our game, it’s just the beginning of their amazing experience and our work. We set up events, distribute rewards, provide support, fostering a community to ensure the best experience to retain a loyal group of players.


Analytical Game Optimization

Even a great game will require constant fine tuning to increase player retention and monetization. We analyze player in-game behaviors, game balance, design, user interface, economy structure and more to give you the most valid suggestions to optimize the game.

Digital Work

True Game Localization

We believe a great localization can only be achieved by people who played the game from a player’s perspective and reached a full understanding of the game story, characters, and mechanics. A high-quality localization is invaluable in enhancing player experience, immersion, and shows that the game is made with care. The players will appreciate it in return and support the game.


Social Media Presence

We will help the game maintaining a strong presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, both to communicate with the current and attract potential new players. This is an essential process in building a community and generate game referrals.

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